Molly Bladskog / Creative, artist, Hyper Island student.

”Love bombing”


The brief was to come up with an idea for an online video to promote their new

show called ”Programmera mera” - as well as a digital strategy for the contents usage.



My team and I worked closely and iteratively with UR and advertising agency McCann to

co-create a solution. My team of three Hyper Island students conducted creative research,

analyzed data and held workshops with all three collaborating parts to reach a relevant solution.



”Love bombing” was the final outcome. With a counting 265K views, 101 comments and

1,6K reactions on Facebook we hit an all time high for UR and the promotion for the show.

”The future bank”


Project Manager



As part of the education at Hyper Island, during project module “Creating Digital Futures”, I, along with three teammates

spent two months (29th of August until 28th of October) working with Danske Bank. We worked in-house at Danske's

headquarters in Norrmalmstorg.


With brief by Danske Bank to find out what “the role of a bank in the future” is. We were given completely own hands to

deliver and Danske Bank asked the team for an unbiased and fresh point of view.


- Conducted creative workshops

- Held meetings with employees and managers

- Creative research

- Produced culture report ”A Hyper Island in-house study of a corporations ability to adapt to the challenges of the

future” and presentation for country board of Danske Bank